Phlow Presets

Hi, I'm Zack Kalter and I truly believe we are all creators. Whether you’re capturing moments with your pro camera or mobile phone, we all have the ability to create art every single day. 

The beauty of digital media is in the way in which you can manipulate colors and lighting to fit your individualistic style and tell your story. The edit is what truly matters when it comes to digital photography and videography.

But… editing can be difficult. It takes a level of skill and experience to be able to create an image that has depth, character and also expresses your creativity without sacrificing image quality. There is a fine line between a beautiful edit and an over edited disaster. 



7 years ago I picked up a camera and decided that I would learn the art of photography. I had just started dating Helen, my beautiful girlfriend, and I knew that photography would unlock the keys to the world and our future.

At first I didn’t know what I was doing. I just started shooting a ton of photos. Most of them were pretty bad. Once in a while I would get a good shot and then it would be time to edit. I would sit down in front of Lightroom, sometimes for hours, editing and re-editing an image. Going back-and-forth on whether or not it looked right.

I would finally get an image to a place that I liked and I would create a preset out of the settings. But then I would apply that same preset to a different photo and it would look terrible. I got frustrated and knew that there had to be a better way to edit quickly, easily and beautifully.

Around 2018 I figured out a new way to edit within Lightroom utilizing custom profiles. I somehow knew this was the future of the way Helen and I would edit all of our photos. I became obsessed with coloring, lighting, and image manipulation. I began experimenting with different ways to build my profiles. For 2 years I experimented with different methods. Way too many to count. But over time each version became better and better. Then 2020 hit and we were locked down. 

I saw this as my chance to fully immerse myself and really build the editing tool of our dreams. It had to be done. For 8 straight months spending 6-8 hours a day I sat at my computer testing and applying trial and error methodology until I finally cracked the code. I felt like Edison trying to figure out the light bulb. Weirdly it’s true. It was then and there that the “PROSET” was born, a profile + a preset. A way to edit that gives you full control of the native intensity of the overall filter with one slider (a basic preset can’t do this). With a proset, you get the power of the preset with the flexibility of the custom profile, which bakes in a lot of the coloring, microcontrasting, luminosity values, and other technical aspects of creating a beautiful image. Combining both of these tools leaves you with nothing short of professional editing superpowers at your fingertips. 



You could say I’ve put in a lifetime of research into the last 7 years. Photography has truly changed our lives. It has allowed Helen and I to create a dream life, travel the world, create beautiful art, and live financially free while working from anywhere with an internet connection. It has allowed us to shoot campaigns for clients like Bloomingdales, Laura Mercier, Old Spice, The Four Seasons, tourism boards, and many other major brands.

This doesn’t mean you have to follow in our footsteps. Maybe you're a professional photographer shooting weddings or doing studio work. Or maybe you're just a casual Instagram social media user who wants to have beautiful content on their feed. 

But then again… maybe you do want to become a full-time content creator. Either of these paths is perfect as long as you're doing what makes you happy. This is why I’ve created THE tool for you to help you in whatever artistic endeavor you pursue. 

Enter: Phlow. PHLOW stands for photo + flow, a method that encompasses our work flow for each and every image we capture and polish. No one image is the same which is why it makes sense to have an easy process (or workflow) to give you the best most reliable and consistent results possible. Phlow streamlines the process from the snap of your camera to a professionally refined image you can be proud of.



All that is to say, if we can do it, you can too. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to “just go for it”, to take that leap of faith and begin down a more creative path, let this be your sign. We are passing over our bread and butter and tricks of the trade. Our secret sauce is now yours for the taking. We feel that we’ve cracked the code. This system is too good not to share. Whatever your dreams may be, it all starts with how you present yourself to the world, and these are the tools that will help you share your beautiful story. 


To Beautiful Edits and Your Success!